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About the Author

I'm an author and musician from a beautiful lakeside town in Ontario, Canada. When I'm not writing books, my husband and I write music together and run a custom design company. He spends a lot of time hosting a variety of shows on the magic box (aka "television") so that leaves me to handle pretty much everything behind the scenes. I spent ten years homeschooling our four daughters, which was an education all unto itself!


Whether I'm writing novels, short stories, or blogging, my passion is to find unique ways to convey the central message of my life, which is that we are, each one of us, loved deeply by an extraordinary God. If you find yourself reading any of my work, it is my sincere prayer that you might discover something new about God’s love for you that you never knew before, and that, like mine, your heart will be touched and healed by that Love.

A Girl Named Grace

A Girl Named Grace

When Grace’s perfectly constructed life is shattered by unthinkable tragedy, she is forced to revisit her past and the secret world she had convinced herself was a fairy tale—a world where angels appear on rooftops and the Jewish man named Jesus meets with her and leads her on a path to healing and intimacy with her Creator.


At first, Grace thinks she is experiencing hallucinations or possible episodes of psychosis brought on by the trauma of recent events, however as time progresses, she starts to realize that these beings she is encountering are more real than she could possibly imagine. As the mysteries of the supernatural realm begin to unfold around her, she gains the courage to journey into dark memories that she had spent nearly a lifetime trying to forget, and is finally able to embrace hope for a future she had never thought possible.


Warrior (The Remnant Chronicles, Book One)

For nearly two generations, the world has been free from war, from religion—and from freedom. A remnant of believers of the ancient god, Bära, has arisen. They have been awakened and are experiencing supernatural power never before seen. They are hunted, tortured, and killed—yet they grow stronger.


One man has been chosen to lead them, whose passion is not for power. He must choose to follow his desire or to trust an unlikely path and become: the Warrior.

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